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Treatment and Counseling of Sickle Cell Disease

Pitt County Health Department

Cell Testing and Counseling

201 Government Circle

Greenville NC 27834

Appointments 252-902-2449

Sickle Cell Partners of the Carolinas 

Counseling and a network of support for those who need 

assistance living with and affected by Sickle Cell Anemia

Additional Resources

Community Health Interventions

  • Provides growth and development education about sickle cell and how it can affect daily activity.

    • Disease Education

    • Care Coordination

    • Trait Counseling

    • Pain Management Strategies

  •  For more information, please call 910-488-6118




Sickle Cell Syndrome Program

  • An opportunity to learn about:

    • body changes

    • various breathing techniques

    • relaxation and comfort measures

    • medications for pain

    • creating a plan of action for hospital visits

    • complications and difficult flare-ups

  • For more information, please call 252-756-2731 or 252-916-5989.





SCD Toolbox

  • Is like having a sickle cell anemia expert in your pocket.

  • Currently available through the App Store.

Health Equity vs. Equality:


  • We must strive to build a Culture of Health. First, we have to ensure everyone has the basics to be healthy. Then when it comes to expanding opportunities for health, thinking the same approach will work universally is like expecting everyone to be able to ride the same bike.

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